Tips for Getting Rid Of Annoying Pet Hair Everywhere

If you love animals, there’s almost certainly a dog or cat for you – a full member of your family that never squabbles about dinner delays and only wags it tail politely. Unfortunately, animals don’t clean up after themselves, but not because they do not want to but because they can’t. These tips will help you to ease the work of cleaning pet hair.

Removing Hair from Furniture

Dog and cat dander has an electrical charge, which is why it gets attracted to many surfaces. Here are some tips to remove hair from your furniture.

To remove hair from wooden surfaces, use a soft cotton cloth treated with polishing spray or antistatic cleaner. It neutralizes the electric charge, making it easier for cleaning wool, reducing the likelihood that it will stick again.

To remove hair from soft surfaces, put on a pair of rubber gloves and dampen them. Then just brush the area you want – the hair will stick to the rubber. Wash off the gloves and if necessary, repeat it again.

Removing Pet Hair from Carpet

All dog and cat owners understand how fast pet hair can spread throughout the house. They can lie around in corners, trampled into carpeting, and they also contain many allergens. To preserve your health its important vacuum clean every single day – especially if you have more than one pet. A simple solution here would be a robotic vacuum cleaner. These simple gadgets can work for you without causing you any trouble. They are automatic devices that move themselves across the floor cleaning up lots of messes in its path. The main thing you want to do is select a suitable vacuum cleaner with all the necessary functions.

Robotic Vacuums with Features for Pet Dander

Look for a robot vacuum cleaner designed specifically for the absorption of pet hair. NaviBot Samsung models are designed based on patented technology.  This vacuum cleaner also has a HEPA filter, which captures even the smallest particles of hair, allergen and dust. This is especially important if one of your family members or friends suffer from allergies or asthma. However, if you find that you need to vacuum a lot of hair from stairs, then a different type of vacuum will be needed.

Smart pet vacuums are able to remove more than just hair. Edge Mode makes sure that the corners are free of fur lumps. Virtual Fence feature allows you to keep the vacuum cleaner from contact with bowls for food and water.

Cat and dog fur can easily catch on clothing fibers. That is why special rolls are usually much more effective than brushes. Wrap a strip of tape roll around your hand sticky side out and run your hand up and down the clothes. Do not use duct tape, because it can leave a sticky residue. If the fabric is woolen, it’s better to use a wet rubber glove as described above. Do not let the cleaning overshadow the joy of communication with your four-legged friend. Once these simple methods of treatment have become habit, you’ll be spending a lot more time playing with pets than cleaning after them.