Best Rated Canister Vacuum For Hardwood

It has become much easier to find a good canister vacuum for hardwood flooring. This is credited to improved technology. Intense market competition is also contributing to making the cleaners easily available. However, many shoppers still face difficulty when choosing the most suitable one. To make the selection easy, consider the following:

Type of Hardwood

Hardwood flooring comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They also come in different types of finishes. For instance, a pre-finished surface may be glossier. However, it also requires more care. Unfinished hardwood has a more rustic appeal but is more susceptible to water or moisture.

Power Consumption

Power usage has become a major issue. The ever increasing power bills will also influence your choice. Therefore, you may need to select a more energy efficient model. This may offer less power output in terms of horsepower. However, it will go the extra mile of saving you that extra penny.

Nature of Cleaning

If you are looking to clean large spaces, then you may mull on getting a more powerful cleaner. This will also apply if you will be cleaning regularly, for example in areas of high traffic such as the office or the lounge. In case you are planning to use it on a large surface, you may consider getting a lighter, more flexible and portable variety.


There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners suitable for cleaning hardwood.

You may also prefer the bag-less type which requires you to empty the litter directly from the cleaner. Alternatively, you may opt for the one with a bag which is more user friendly in terms of disposing of litter.

Where to Buy

Think about where you are going to buy the equipment. The local brick-and-mortar outlet is convenient if you have the time to visit it. Unfortunately, it may also have limited varieties due to the spacing. Buying online from a site like is a good idea. Besides offering a wide range of equipment, it also may come with competitive prices. Nonetheless, you are also more likely to get the wrong type or waiting for longer for it to arrive.


Prior to buying, you may find it appropriate to find out more about dealer’s reputation. A good dealer will be of high credibility. You also need to know how reliable the brand is. This may be known by going through different reviews on the product.

Manufacture Warranty

When thinking of getting the cleaning device, go over the terms of warranty. A good product will come with the longest guarantee. It will not only cover the parts, but also workmanship. Additionally, the dealer will provide after sale service as well as online support service.

The right canister vacuum cleaner goes a long way in making the cleaning process easy and user-friendly. It also ensures that your hardwood flooring is elegant. The equipment will also extend the floors lifespan. Therefore, before spending your hard earned cash on any vacuum cleaner, take note of the above guidelines.

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