How to Finish Wood Floors Naturally

If you have a wood floor in your home, then you know will agree with me that the floor can give you a hectic time to replace. But refinishing it becomes less expensive compared to the actual replacement of the whole floor.

The only difference the floor will have is the finishing that will be done. For the refinished floor, the original look can be retained and more shine added to it. But for replacing, the floor might have a different look especially when done by a different person.

For those who want to keep the environment clean, this is the method to use as there will be no deforestation to find wood for replacing the floor. You may also opt to use natural alternatives to replace the harmful chemicals that might destroy the environment.

There are some processes that you will not skip if you are wondering how to finish wood floors naturally. If you want to achieve a good floor; you have no option but the following.

  1. Prepare your floor – ensure that the floor you want to refinish is fixed up, vacuumed, and cleared of all the items. Wash the room using water and white vinegar in the ratio of 10:1 respectively. The reason why I recommend white vinegar is because it is an acidic natural cleaner and thus should be diluted. For the preparation to be termed fully done, you have to sand the floor to about 6 inches outside the board to smooth where buffer will not reach.
  2. Buff the floor – after you attach a buffing pad to the floor buffer; buff the floor along the grains. Ensure that when doing this, you have a dust mask on to ensure safety precautions are adhered to. The buffer should be in motion when its on and makes sure to vacuum after some time in order to allow for the settling of the dust.
  3. How to choose your finish – The finishes that are in the market today, most of them, contains harmful chemicals such as petroleum. These chemicals are environmentally unfriendly and should therefore shop for the natural oil finishes. They include the linseed oil, jojoba oil and the tung oil which are all friends of the environment. You may also go for the natural finishing wax.
  4. How to apply the finish – you can start by applying the finish along the base boards and applying the oil to the entire floor by the use of a small brush. When this has been done, the rest of the room is oiled using a different method. Here, you pour the oil along the wood grains. The oil should cover one inch of the floor. You should then use a paint roller along and then across the grain of the wood floor. Continue with the process for ten minutes and then apply more oil. Apply another coat of oil after three hours and then allow the floor to dry for one week. It is after this that you will return the items back to the room.