The Importance of Buying a Good General Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

When it comes to cleaning, there is nothing worse than a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work. You know that spot; the one that you just have to go over three or four times, and still it’s dirty!

Sometimes, after angrily brushing at the ground, I would, more angrily, chuck the pipe down and bend over just to pick up a tiny speck of paper before letting out a “huff” of exhaustion and resuming my monotonous chore.

My Backstory

Here’s the thing. I worked, part-time, at a back-packers hostel. This means that I had to clean three (Three!) floors and a basement. All that I had to complete this gargantuan task was a tiny, weak Henry. Remember, that little red thing with the face. And an evil smirk that seemed to say, “you missed a spot”.

After slaving for weeks, carrying Henry up and down stairs, I had enough. I did it. I cheated on him.

It started as an innocent online communication. A minute here, a minute there, browsing the Internet and thinking about other models. Eventually, I bought a shiny purple vacuum cleaner that I had read about on Vacuum Companion. It was so expensive, but the reviews were amazing. A few days later it arrived- I wasn’t going to pay for next day shipping!

I received my package with an assortment of vacuum heads, Naturally, I wanted to test it. It was exhilarating. So quiet and yet I didn’t have to bend over once to pick up something to heavy to be sucked into the pipe. Bliss. When the next Sunday came I packed it into a gym bag, and took it with me to work.

10 Reasons to Choose Quality Over Price

  1. You can do twice as much work in less time.
  2. You don’t have to worry about vacuum serial killers like wood shavings or sawdust.
  3. The upkeep on a high quality vacuum is almost non-existent.
  4. They are durable and long lasting.
  5. The design is a lot better. I love my little, purple vacuum.
  6. Suction control is a technology of the future especially when dealing with drapes.
  7. It doesn’t blow little specks of dust out of the back.
  8. It’s just so versatile, there are settings for carpets, hardwood floors, etc.
  9. The additional money spent on quality saves you even more over the year.10. High-quality vacuums work well on more than one surface because not all floors of the same.
  10. You never have to wonder if you would have been better off spending that extra bit of money for better quality.

The Result

Now, my vacuum lives there. I keep it in the office, it’s only taken out when I need it. My work only takes half of the time it used to. Effectively, I’ve doubled my hourly wage. When I’ve cleaned the kitchen I just press a button and it’s optimized for carpet. Life is so much easier and much less stressful. Now I can devote my time to what really matters.

This is why I decided to compile the list of reasons above for why it is worth spending a little extra money to get a whole lot more quality.