Advantages of Having a Good Wood Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Like cars, there are various types of wooden flooring, the common and quality types being the oak and the bamboo. The bottom line, however, is that the types of wood floor notwithstanding, all need to be kept clean and properly maintained. To wit, vacuum cleaners are best suited for cleaning wooden floors.

Tips on how to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your floor:

If truly machines make work easier, these too should portray the same feature of all machines. It is important on the onset to state that there are various types of wooden floor. It therefore follows that there are particular vacuum cleaners best suited for specific types of wooden floors. Canister vacuum cleaners are excellent for cleaning hardwood floors, and the Electrolux EL6986A UltraSilencer and Miele S4212 are at the top of the list of best canister vacuum cleaners.

In order to know the best type to purchase, look out for the following:

1. Price

They say cut your coat according to your cloth. You don’t want to strain yourself by buying a vacuum cleaner that you cannot afford. The assumption normally is that the more expensive an item is, the better quality it is, but this is not a first-hand rule as products are not identical although they perform the same function. Only buy quality but what you can afford too

2. Suction power

Without this a vacuum cleaner cannot function. The maximum power I have seen is 12Amps, as the same is directly proportional to the motor size, especially for the upright vacuum cleaners. The size of the motor determines the amount of the suction power, thus the choice of whether to buy a 5A, an 8A or 12A depends on considerations such as whether you have deep wall to wall carpeting and the type of the wooden floor too.

3. Features

Well, like a cafeteria, different types of vacuum cleaners have what they offer, and wisdom dictates that you go for what offers a variety. You ought to look out for accessories such rubber wheels which are commonly found on canister types the advantage of these being that they prevent the scratching occasioned on the wooden flooring due to friction as you move about with the cleaner. The vacuum head too should be considered; a movable head is better than a rigid one, and portability is also an added advantage since you might want to clean many rooms and shift the same conveniently.

4. Warranty

Most electronics have a warranty to cater for repairing damages probably occasioned within a year and a month from the purchase date at no cost. These too have no exception, but it does hurt to ask or check yourself if it is warrantied before buying.

Perhaps I should remind you that water is wood what paraffin is to water-they repel. Wipe out excess water as the same damages wood surfaces. During winter or the rainy season, have installed in your house a fan to also help keep the wooden floor dry.